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The SiteHelpDesk functionality is core, as described on the previous page. The special and additional  needs of an IT Support department, however, are catered for in SiteHelpDesk-IT with a comprehensive set of registers of all the information pertaining to the IT infrastructure. This includes


Hardware and software registers

Third party warranty and maintenance records including details of the equipment covered and any returns, on site visits etc.
Purchasing and asset references for integration or reference to other systems.
Automated audit trail of hardware allocations and movements.
Hardware disposal records –note we do not allow the mysterious deletion of records, unlike some applications.
Links to network management tools for full and detailed audit of the hardware and software in use through the organization.
Registers that are often maintained by an individual who must be relied upon to keep them up to date and report upon. Such as IP address registers, floor port patching, stock items, back up and restore records and off site media archives.
The holding of all this information in one central database allows the relationships to be managed and drill downs into related hardware problems and configuration histories.
Library/Stock and ‘Loans’ facilities to keep track of all the IT equipment.
Integration with MS System Management Server (SMS) for remote management, software distribution, hardware and software auditing and capacity management.
Note: we are aiming to fully integrate a third party web browser based network management tool in the near future that may be bundled with our applications.
Special features of SiteHelpDesk-IT include security records such as server dependencies for recovery, records of primary and secondary responsibility for the recovery and any other relevant information such as back up media, server role and capacity.
Internal and external contacts are recorded for DR purposes and a DR report is always available. Obtaining the information from records held in the system ensures it is always up to date and relevant. How may people can honestly say they have access to an up to date DR pack. (or indeed actually have one to hand)
Insurance valuation reports provide listings and valuations useful in the event of loss of equipment through fire, theft or damage.
These records have been incorporated with a view to satisfying the security related record keeping requirements of BS 7799





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