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The SiteHelpDesk system is widely acclaimed for both its flexibility and intuitive approach. It is not only scalable but is feature packed, offering a substantial number of options. 


The following is a list of some of these: 

Single user interface from a web browser
No other client installation and most PC�s now have a browser pre-installed making the software immediately available to any one with network access and a link from a web or intranet site or know the support URL.
Customers or internal staff may log support calls themselves and are given a ticket number � this lets them know that the call has been logged and an action will follow. Email notifications may be automatically initiated but are unnecessary and just promote the excessive use of emails.
Access to the call history from the user/customer call log screen allows them to see the progress and status of the call they have logged without having to make follow up telephone calls, sending emails to the support desk or interrupting engineers out on call.
To further reduce the load on the helpdesk we provide definable FAQ�s (with attachments of documents), links to other useful internal or external web pages and a ticker that gets displayed to the customer when they enter the support site. These tools can pre-empt a support call and reduce the workload.
Common browser techniques ensure no training is required by customers/users even remotely familiar with a browser.
Intuitive work flows and automation ensures support staff can use the application with little or no training.
Enhanced with simple screen layouts ensures that technicians can quickly and painless maintain the system. This is especially important for technical helpdesk where staff are generally less prone to writing documentation or recording details of events.
The applications naturally provides an �out of the box� Intranet for that department and all their documents may be held or linked to from there to compliment their support process.
To assist with recurring call types a quick call registration process is available with user defined templates of calls. This may be for an individual event such as unlocking a user account to multiple recurring events such as setting up a new user including a number of atomically generated calls for buying the PC, setting up their account, configuring , installing, training etc. There is also a button to instantly generate a new call from an existing one with all the same details brought across.
Scripts may be set up to ensure that the appropriate information is recorded against a call type. These can also provide some resolution suggestions with OK, yes/no and text entry prompts.
Follow up diarised events may be recorded and Operators are presented with their scheduled actions when they access the helpdesk system.
Time tracking and recharging of the service costs.
To cater for emails requests that are received, there is integration with MS Exchange server to allow emails sent to a predefined support mailbox to generate a call when the email is opened.
Telephone support requests may be entered very quickly via the New Call screen which has specially designed rapid search techniques to ensure the customer is not left waiting while the call is logged. The same scripting may be applied to collect more relevant information or resolve the issue immediately.
SLA records and monitoring with traffic light flags to highlight calls that have exceeded the response or fix times along with email escalations and reports of the SLA target percentages achievement.
Controlled menu options access for Operators and permission may be set to disallow call �closure� or� reassignment to other Operators� for each individual Operator.
Reporting is provided by ASP pages which provide drill down into more detail. There are also a number of automatically generated graphical representations. Crystal reports may be integrated but the flexibility of searches provided with user specified sort, display and the ability to export to Excel spreadsheets does not require it.

General Features:

Reside on NT / 2000 server running MS Internet Information Server (IIS) version 4 or higher. This is free with the operating system
Note: will run on any 9x/NT/200/XP Professional PC running IIS or Personal Web Server (PWS) for smaller installations or for trial and demonstration purposes.
No client installations - they only require a web browser
Easy to install
Color schemes and fonts may be changed in one location so that the product may seamless integrate with existing sites.
Terminology may be changed from one place and all screens and menus change � such as Calls changed to Tickets or Departments changed to Business Unit. This also provides flexibility for diverse organization types and departments to adapt the system to their specific needs.
A number of features are optional and do not appear unless specified, keeping the system relevant and easy to use.
Full access to database
Full access to application source code (subject to terms of the license agreement). Developers can rapidly enhance, modify or add to the product code to meet their changing e-trade business requirements and make the product fit their process perfectly.
Customer access to SiteHelpDesk's own support site
Continual development program with regular new releases
Direct customer input to features of new releases and submission of code by customers for possible inclusion in the core product.
No charge for new release � small charge for migration work of the database may apply.
Choice of MS Access 2000 back end � note: the Access 2000 application is only required if customer wants to access the database directly. Or may upgrade to MS SQL server. There is no extra charge but customer is responsible for licensing MS SQL Server.
We have been developing 100% web based helpdesk software since April 2000 and were one of the first to market. Many companies are still struggling to �web enable� their existing offerings.


Also, in recognition of the differences in support needs of certain constituents, two variants are also available: IT support (SiteHelpDesk-IT) and External Customer support (SiteWebDesk). Both of course employ the same principles and have the same look and feel of SiteHelpDesk

To view the features embraced by SiteHelpDesk-IT, click here. For SiteWebDesk, click here.




Do not hesitate to try all the functionality, or to contact us if you need guidance or assistance.


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